Online Panel

High response rates, a secure system and live internet portal data access, Harris/Decima’s online panels are capable of collecting information from virtually anywhere, including the general Canadian public or specific socio-demographics and lower incidence groups. Our online panels also have a high rate of French language participation, and can therefore assemble vast amounts of research data in either of Canada’s official languages.

Our dedicated team works to ensure the utmost quality and integrity are behind the data collected. We stand behind 12 key characteristics of panel quality:

  1. Multi-modal Recruiting
  2. Double Opt-in Enrollment
  3. Measurable Characteristic Profiles
  4. Established Sampling Procedures
  5. Real-time Monitoring of Results
  6. Maintaining high response rates
  7. Appropriate Relationships with Respondents
  8. Data Integrity Validation
  9. Avoiding Burn-out or Over-sampled Respondents
  10. Perfect Interview Consistency
  11. Increased Candidness
  12. Data Security & Privacy

Our online panel provides detailed profiling for low-incidence surveying, interactive flexibility for new studies, complex longitudinal tracking, and rapid turnaround. We have worked hard at increasing panellist engagement levels so our clients can enjoy strong response rates and the rapid turnaround of their research engagements.

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