The evolution of technology continues to be marked by convergence, rapid change and the continuously disruptive nature of new players.

Consumers and businesses alike have found themselves needing to adjust to this ever-changing environment, some willingly, some reluctantly. Research has been at the forefront of helping service providers, policy developers and Canadians themselves understand the impact shifting technology has influenced how we communicate and how content is created and consumed. In this context, Rick Nadeau has helped Harris/Decima's clients understand the constantly evolving and disrupting nature of their business and consumer markets, marked by such phenomena as:

  • the deregulation of the long distance market;
  • the explosion of broadband Internet and IP-based products and services;
  • the proliferation of wireless devices and their applications;
  • the evolution of the local telephone market; and,
  • the transformation of home and mobile “entertainment” with the advent of digital technologies.