Grounded in our solid research understanding and varied skill sets, we combine primary research rigour, high-end business analytics, and consumer insights to answer key questions and guide critical decisions.

The Consumer Goods Practice focuses on three distinct research areas:


A strong understanding of the relationship between the manufacturer and the trade allows us to conduct research in a way that yields actionable results. On our team, we have professionals who can “talk the talk” of the CPG space. We design research solutions that always keep in mind where your research results need to take you.

Further, we’ve worked with retailers to assist on issues such as declining store traffic, optimizing promotional portfolios, evolving loyalty programs, etc. Again, our business insights in this arena make way for not only research, but also results.

Retail Pricing

Pricing founded in how consumers value your product/service can be a very effective way to boost your bottom line. We have strong expertise in helping clients make sure they don’t leave any money on the table, through a variety of sophisticated research solutions to address issues such as:

  • How to Price a New Product/Service
  • Value/Price Optimization (Price Elasticity)
  • Optimizing Trade Inventive Programs
  • Price/Value Mapping
  • Pricing in Changing Competitive Landscapes
  • Price Messaging

Our approaches allow our clients to understand how to match value and price, which equals profits.