Public Affairs Research

Since its founding in 1979, Harris/Decima has been one of Canada's foremost providers of opinion research relating to public affairs and public policy. With one of the country's best teams of research providers, our Public Affairs team provides clients with best-in-class service and advice.

Harris/Decima has a long track record of success, providing outstanding service to clients in both the public and private sector.

  • Private Sector:
    Our Public Affairs team has conducted hundreds of studies on behalf of associations, NGOs and companies in almost every sector of Canada’s economy including financial, telecommunications, resources, energy, environmental, biotechnology and health;
  • Federal Government:
    Our Public Affairs team has conducted projects for virtually every department of the federal government as well as crown corporations and is on several Standing Offers for the provision of opinion research services;
  • Provincial Governments:
    Harris/Decima is a Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario and has conducted studies on behalf of departments such as Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and Service Ontario, as well as for the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Alberta;
  • Municipal Governments:
    Harris/Decima has provided many studies to municipal and local governments, including the City of Ottawa annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

Exceptional Team

Harris/Decima is proud to have brought together a team of public affairs researchers who are among the best in the industry. Our industry leaders work closely with a dedicated, highly trained team of researchers, many of whom have many years of experience in conducting research projects on public affairs and public policy.